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Your swimming pool should be something that you’re proud of; something you want to enjoy. With our Herbert pool cleaning services, Outback Pools has everything you need.

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If you’re looking for pool cleaning in Darwin or the surrounding area, then get in touch. Our friendly and well-trained team is more than happy to see how we can help. Your pool won’t be disappointed.

As one of the leading suppliers of professional pool cleaning in Herbert, Outback Pools has experience in multiple services. Our dedicated team is highly trained and waiting to help you with your needs.

Our Process

If you want, then we’ll be more than happy to install this for you. Our well-trained team will ensure that everything is installed correctly and that problems won’t develop.

If you need pool repairs in Darwin or ongoing maintenance and similar services, we’re also here to help. Contact our fully-trained and licensed team today to get started.


Many of the questions we get are more common than you’d think. We’re more than happy to answer them.

How Much Should I Pay Someone To Clean My Pool?

The cost of pool cleaning could be enough to stop many people from considering it. That’s primarily because they believe it’ll be expensive.

While that may be true with some options, it wouldn’t be with Outback Pools. We pride ourselves on offering a premium service at an affordable price.

All of the pool cleaning services we offer are cost-effective and should fit most budgets. Even if you’re looking for commercial pool cleaning, we’ll have an affordable solution for you.

How Often Should Commercial Pools Be Cleaned?

Swimming pools should be cleaned at least once a week. Multiple factors can affect your pool cleaning, however.

The more you use it, for instance, the more you’ll need to clean it. Weather patterns can also play a role in this. Rain, for example, can cause an imbalance in your pool’s pH levels.

That could mean giving it another clean. In general, though, once a week should be enough.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Swimming Pool?

One of the more common questions we get asked focuses on how long pool cleaning lasts. It shouldn’t take as long as you’d think.

Regularly cleaned and maintained pools should take between 20 and 30 minutes to clean. It may take slightly longer, depending on the pool filter and other areas.

The size of the pool will also play a determining role in this. The larger it is, the longer it’ll naturally take to clean.

You should also expect dirtier pools to take longer to clean.

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