How Often To Clean Pool Filter Cartridge?

Swimming pool owners will have quite a few questions when installing a pool. Multiple questions can come up after this.

Many of these relate to pool cleaning and maintenance. One of the more common relates to your filters and other parts of the pool.

You might be wondering how often to clean pool filter cartridge. You might’ve heard conflicting advice about this.

You’ll want your pool filter to operate effectively, so you could err on the side of caution and clean them a lot. That could lead to you spending too much time and energy cleaning them.

While multiple factors will affect this, the answer should be simpler than you’d think.

Why Should You Clean Your Pool Filter Cartridge?

You might wonder whether cleaning your pool filter cartridge is worth it. The filter may seem as though it’s working effectively.

While that may be the case, it’ll have to deal with a lot of wear and tear over time. Dirt and other things will also build up inside the filter.

These can be impossible to see unless you take out the filter and look. That buildup can severely impact your filter’s ability to function.

The more buildup there is, the less your filter can keep dirt out of the water. In time, you’ll see your pool getting dirtier and dirtier, regardless of how often you clean it.

In those cases, the culprit will likely be a clogged or dirty pool filter cartridge. Cleaning it regularly will make sure that this doesn’t happen.

That still begs the question as to how often to clean pool filter cartridge. Several things could affect this, all of which are worth knowing about.

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filter Cartridge?

How often to clean pool filter cartridge can depend significantly on several factors. The make and model of your filter can make a significant difference.

In many cases, a weekly cleaning of your swimming pool will prevent much of the build-up that’ll affect your filter. You’ll still need to give it a special cleaning every season, however.

You can follow several rules of thumb to determine whether or not your swimming pool filter needs to be cleaned. Some of the more notable of these are:

  • Filter pressure is higher than normal.
  • There’s been a heavy rainstorm.
  • You’ve used the pool quite heavily in previous days or weeks.
  • There’s a heavy algae bloom.

If any of these are the case, then it’s recommended that you clean your swimming pool filter cartridge.

How To Clean A Swimming Pool Cartridge

Once you know how often to clean pool filter cartridge, it’s time to get to it. If you’ve never done it before, you mightn’t know what to do.

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you’d think. There are several steps involved. These are:

  1. Turn off the pump and other devices in the pool.
  2. Release air from the cartridge and drain any water.
  3. Take out the filter and place it somewhere you can clean it easily.
  4. Use a brush and water – alongside any preferred cleaning supplies – to wash the filter. Be thorough with this.

If there are any stubborn stains on your pool filter cartridge, then you could consider adding a cleaning solution to the mix. Adding this to the water and using some elbow grease will ensure the stains come off.

How Often To Clean Pool Filter Cartridge: Wrapping Up

Figuring out how often to clean pool filter cartridge can often confuse people. That’s especially true if it’s your first time owning a swimming pool.

After a while, you’ll get a knack for it. The easiest way of doing so is by hiring a professional pool cleaning and maintenance company.

Not only will professionals make sure that everything’s clean, but they’ll ensure that your pool filter cartridge, among other equipment, works effectively.

It’ll be more affordable than you’d think while saving you the time and effort needed to maintain your pool. You can spend your time relaxing at the pool instead of trying to fix problems.

What’s not to love?