How To Clean Stains In Pool?

When most people envision a swimming pool, they picture crystal clear water and a clean structure. If you own a pool, you could find that it wouldn’t look this way without regular cleaning and maintenance.

Over time, you could see pool stains develop. If you don’t know how to clean stains in pool, they can take away from your enjoyment of the pool.

Not only will they look unappealing, but they could make your swimming pool feel dirty. That’ll be the case regardless of how often you clean your pool.

Figuring out how to get rid of swimming pool stains can be difficult. While it’s typically recommended that you hire a swimming pool cleaning specialist, you could do it yourself.

It’ll take a bit of work, but it’s certainly possible to get done.

What Causes Pool Stains?

Before you can figure out how to clean stains in pool, you’ll need to determine what the cause of it is. These typically fall into two categories; organic stains and metal stains.

You can typically determine what the cause is by performing a few tests. The color and general appearance of the stain can be a giveaway, however.

If it looks rusted, for example, then it’s likely a metal stain.

How To Clean Stains In Pool

Figuring out how to clean stains in pool depends on what the underlying cause is. With organic pool stains, you’ll need to:

  1. Test and Balance the Water: You’ll first need to balance the water’s pH levels to make sure it’s within appropriate levels. A pH balance of 7.5 is ideal. You can use various kits for this.
  2. Shock the Pool: To get rid of one natural stain, introducing shock to the pool should be enough. It’ll loosen the dirt particles that have attached themselves to your pool. If you’re dealing with several stains, it’s worth using a triple dose for this. You’ll need calcium hypochlorite for this. Typically, three pounds per 10,000 gallons of water is needed.
  3. Brush The Pool: Once the calcium hypochlorite has been used, you’ll need to scrub the stains with a stiff brush. That’ll get rid of most of the stain.
  4. Run The Pump: Running the pump should get rid of the rest of the stain. If not, you can give it another scrub before running the pump again.

Tackling metal pool stains will need a different approach. While there could be similarities with organic stains, you’ll need to make a few adjustments.

To clean metal pool stains, you’ll need to:

  1. Test the Water for Metals: You’ll need to determine what kind of metal is in your pool, as that can dictate what measures are taken next.
  2. Get a Metal Pool Stain Cleaner: Depending on what metal has stained your pool, you’ll need a specific type of stain remover. Picking this up and following the instructions will help get rid of them.

Before starting to clean your pool, you’ll need to identify the causes of the stain. Armed with that, you shouldn’t have a problem getting rid of stains in your pool.

That can take a significant amount of worth. Hiring a professional pool cleaning service can often be the more appealing path.

Prevent Pool Stains Easily

Few people want to put effort into cleaning pool stains. They might also want to avoid the cost of hiring a professional to do so.

To minimize this, you’ll need to prevent pool stains from developing. There are multiple ways to do so.

Keeping your swimming pool as clean as possible will be the most obvious method. Regularly testing for pH levels and metals in the water is also recommended.

You should make sure that these show that everything is within normal levels. If not, taking measures to address the issue is recommended.

That could include rebalancing the water levels, among other strategies.

How To Clean Stains In Pool? Wrapping Up

Few people know how to clean stains in pool. That’s why many of them choose to hire a professional pool cleaning service.

While this will come at a cost, it’ll get rid of the stains in your swimming pool quickly and easily. Having your pool regularly cleaned and maintained will also prevent other stains from developing.

Enjoying your swimming pool often depends on how clean it is. You shouldn’t have to settle for a dirty or stained pool.

Getting your swimming pool professionally cleaned is more affordable than you’d think. You’ll be back to enjoying your swimming pool in no time.